Mudra Institute

Mudra is a mindfulness practice tied to 24/7 application. It consists of intensive mind/body exercises followed by subtle sensory awareness exercises in three domains — seeing, hearing and touching.


Founded by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche in the 1970s, is derived from Tibetan Monastic Dance. Mudra Institute is led by Dr Craig Warren Smith who has adapted Mudra as a means of lifestyle adjustment in six domains:


spiritual growth, creativity, communications, wellness, finance and social change.

The essential meaning of Mudra is implied by the word itself Mudra’s two syllables: mu = dra. Mu, a fundamental term in the 3000 year foundation of sanscrit, refers to a an absence of things: no thing. An ineffable space of nowness. The second sylable refers to a gesture that puts mu into action in support of personal transformation that lies beyond the dualistic construct of mind in which self and other are considered to be physical things.

The framework of Mudra-enabled transformation is the Mudra Mandala on this page.


Go inside Mudra to find out how others have benefitted by Mudra and how you can too. Jump in now at no charge to begin your journey of Mudra enabled transformation.

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We are based in Mexico, with all activity in English and Spanish. Programs in Asia and Europe are in development.


I took an introductory Mudra class with Craig, conducted in Spanish. Instead of lecturing, Craig gave us experiential exercises that opened awareness. By the end of the class I felt a soothing inner peace. Something had shifted on a very deep level of my being.

Verónica Behn. Tepoztlán México 2023.

I’m finding that doing Mudra Space Awareness practice with Craigon a regular basis is like working out at The Wake-up Gym, exercising the “waking up muscle”.

With the vast array of guided exercises and practices, I’m experiencing a felt sense of presence over and over,during day and night. I now experience the vast open space all around me all the time.

Daryl Susan Brown, Montreal, 2022

Studying Mudra with Craig Warren Smith is a way to access the immediacy of nonconceptual mind. Mudra’s very direct and embodied approach to working with sense perceptions provides glimpses beyond the narrow confines of the subject-object duality of ego-based perception.

The experiential directness of Craig’s Mudra teachings is truly inspiring.

Fleet Mall, 2022

The mudra that Craig teaches offers the most immediate access I’ve found to non-dual, non-self perception. Within minutes, these guided meditations break down the fiction of “self” and “other”, lifting us out of the perceptual machinery that generates our apparent separateness from all living things and our world.

Brad Warren, 2022

After taking the first five minutes of Craig’s mudra class, the effect was the same for me as doing a monthlong meditation. I was hooked!

Greg Heffron Oakland, Ca, 2023 

…Inspiring, powerful and brilliant… An amazing teacher…


I thoroughly appreciated learning these exercises. They’re grounding and help with embodiment.


Removes the buffer that keeps us from experiencing reality in a more direct and spontaneous way.


Out of this world. Game changer. I would love more teachers like this, material like this. This is it!


So different. Mind-blowing and heart opening. Love the teaching style.